53 Online Tools To Help You Find Tons Of Content Ideas

Running out of content ideas? Then use these content inspiration tools to uncover tons of ideas, your audience truly cares about.

Question & Answer Sites

Question and answer sites are a goldmine for unearthing the exact questions  your target audience are asking.

You will usually type in the topic your readers are interested in or the name of your industry, and you will start finding questions that you can turn into content.

Here are some of the most popular question and answer sites you can mine for content ideas.

1. Quora

Quora has over 300 million monthly users and over 400, 000 topic categories you can dig content ideas from.

As a user, you can follow particular questions asked by other users if you’re interested in seeing more answers that may be added in the future, and you can upvote or downvote anything to help the community discover the best questions and answers.

Here’s a guide  on getting content ideas from Quora

I typed in “travel” and got these:

  • What are the best travel hacks?
  • How does it feel to travel alone?
  • Is time travel possible?
  • Why are people from the future not time traveling to our period, assuming time travel technology is available in the future?
  • What was your scariest travel experience?

2. YahooAnswers

Similar to Quora you can also upvote or downvote the answers you receive to your questions, and you can also pick a “best answer on YahooAnswers.

I typed “post ideas” into the search bar and got these:

  • Any tumblr post ideas?
  • Where to post Ideas to attract investors?
  • Is this a good post-surgery idea?
  • How to post my ideas in the media or press?
  • Fashion Blog Post Ideas?
  • Beauty Blogger Blog Post Ideas?

3. Answers

Anyone who answers a question on Answers.com will have a “confidence votes” figure displayed, which reflect how many times users confirmed that their answer was helpful. A user who has a high confidence vote count reassures you that they know what they’re talking about.

I typed “self improvement” into the search bar and got these:

  • How do you improve self confidence?
  • How do you improve self motivation?
  • How can you improve your self-esteem?
  • How do you improve self image?
  • What are self-improvement courses?

4. TheAnswerBank

Theanswerbank has categories ranging from computers to family issues.

I typed “blogging” into the search bar and got these:

  • Guest Blogging Benefits

Question: What are the benefits of guest blogging?
Is it worth my time to write contents for other websites/blog site?

  • Is there a way I can convince her to start blogging?

Question: My mother keeps writing stuff in her diary, and it’s become a passion now. I got to know that she harbored a secret dream of becoming a writer. I told her that she should start blogging, but she says the computer isn’t for her.

5. FunAdvice

You would need to create an account first to use fun advice. Their most popular categories are: Jobs  |  Health  |  Style  | Tech  |  Fitness  |  Relationships  |  Pets  | Shopping

I clicked on “Style” and got these:

  • Is it safe to dye your hair two days in a row?
  • Why won’t my breasts grow?
  • What’s the difference between damp and wet hair?
  • How can I see what I’d look like blonde?

Social  Sites  & Popular Blogs

Depending on your blog niche, you can find content inspiration from one or more of these sites.

In the case of social media sites, follow hashtags and look for popular articles, buzzwords, and questions that can lead to potential topics for your content.

6. Amazon

Check out the list for the top books in your industry on Amazon. If people are buying a book on a topic, you know they would be interested in a great blog post, guide, or podcast.

7. Alltop

All top is one of the top content aggregators online.

The first thing you would see on the homepage is a list of their most popular blogs which depending on your niche can give you a feel of the most in demand topics in your niche.

You can then explore their categories and sub-categories ranging from tech to business for content ideas.

8. Bizsugar

BizSugar is a social sharing, bookmarking and networking website for small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs. You can submit blog posts, videos, podcasts and other types of content.

Depending on your niche , you can comb through their categories to unearth post ideas.

9. Blogengage

Blog Engage is a blogging community where bloggers submit their latest blog articles for exposure, backlinks and traffic. All articles submitted are sent to the upcoming page where users read and vote on the submissions. When articles receive enough votes they become published and are then found on the Blog Engage home page.

Although it seems you need to buy one of their plans to be able to post content you can still find tons of post ideas from this site.

10. Content Strategy Generator Tool

The Content Strategy Generator Tool will help you to find inspiration for your content marketing topics quickly and easily.

I typed in “blog traffic” and got these:

  • Examining traffic from Google’s AMP carousel
  • Site migration – how we make sure a domain migration is successful for SEO
  • Scraping ‘People Also Ask’ boxes for SEO and content research.
  • Four ways to spice up your social media strategy.
  • Content’s big three Es: emotive, educational and engaging.

11. Dribble

Are you looking for design inspiration for your contents, then check out Dribble.

Dribbble is a community of designers sharing screenshots of their work, process, and projects.


Digg is a social news site that can help users find blog posts and web pages of interest as well as promote pages and blog posts they like.

Users submit (or “digg”) web pages or blog posts they like by entering the URL for the specific page as well as a short description and selecting a category that page fits in.

Each submission is open for all Digg users to view through the “Upcoming Articles” page. Other users can then digg or “bury” those submissions (or completely ignore them). Submissions that get a lot of diggs will appear on the main page of the Digg website within the list of “Popular Articles” where other Digg users can find them and click on the links to visit the original articles.

So I typed ” career” into the search bar and got these:

  • Career Waiters
  • Calling Men By Their Last Names Gives Them An Unfair Career Advantage
  • She Made A Career Out Of Studying The Brain. Then Hers Veered Off Course
  • Trying Too Hard At Work Is Bad For You
  • Inside Elon Musk’s ‘Excruciating’ Year

13. Diigo

Diigo is a social bookmarking website that allows signed- up users to bookmark and tag Web pages. It also allows users to highlight any part of a webpage and attach sticky notes to specific highlights or to a whole page.

You can use it to save important webpages for later.

14. Dzone

If you own a web development blog then Dzone is the community for you.

DZone.com is one of the world’s largest online communities and leading publisher of knowledge resources for software developers. Every day, hundreds of thousands of developers goes to DZone.com to read about the latest technology trends and learn about new technologies, methodologies, and best practices through shared knowledge.

15. Emolink

Emo Links is a social bookmarking site where people discover, share, vote and discuss interesting and remarkable content they find on the web.

16. Facebook

Facebook groups are a goldmine for content ideas.

Just search for facebook  groups in your niche and explore.

17. Fark

Fark is a community website created by Drew Curtis that allows members to comment on a daily batch of news articles and other items from various websites.

Fark has a lot of categories you can explore for content ideas.

18. Feedly

Feedly offers an easy way to aggregate your information feeds in one place. Feed readers aggregate internet content into one convenient place, making it possible for you to quickly scan headlines and full stories at a glance from a variety of different providers. You don’t have to keep checking back to any particular site to see if it’s been updated; all you need to do is follow an information source, such as the Washington Post or Engaget, and then read the updates from those sites as they’re delivered to your feed reader.

19. Flipboard

Flipboard curates the world’s stories so you can focus on investing in yourself, staying informed, and getting involved.

So I typed “blog” into the search bar and got two recommendations “#blog” and “#blog marketing”.

I clicked the latter and got these:

  • Guest Blogging Statistics To Help Shape Your Strategy.
  • Marketing in Minutes – The Blogging Masterplan – Podcast Episode
  • I Set Up a Business Blog – Now What? Part 5: Managing Your Time
  • INM launches new blogging site
  • How to Build a Blogging Community
  • Irrespective of your niche you can find great post ideas from this site.

20. Fokld

Folkd is a social bookmarking site where you can save your bookmarks and links online.

21. Google Plus

Join relevant Google Plus communities and follow relevant collections to find tons of content ideas for your audience.

Whoever your target audience is, you can always find post topics they care about from Google Plus.

22. GrowthHub

Growth hub formerly Inbound.Org is a great social news website entirely dedicated to everything related to online marketing.

If you write posts related to online marketing, then you will find tons of content ideas here.

23. Hvper

Hvper claims to be the Internet on one page.
You will find  news curated by Thomas Marban from some of the most popular sites online.

These are : Reddit , Digg, Buzzfeed , Imgur , Google News, Yahoo, Reuters, YouTube , Vice , Quartz , Medium, Twitter, CNN, New York Times, Huffington Post, Giphy, Washington Post, The Guardian, BBC, Reddit Images, ABC, NPR, CNBC, Gyfcat, CBS, LA Times, Salons, Vlogs, Washington Ex, Politico, Real Clear Politics, Tumble, Aljazeera, RT News, The Intercept and many others.

Depending on your niche, you can find tons of content ideas from this site.

24. Inoreader

Inoreader makes it possible for you to keep up with all your information sources.

Sign up for free, choose your categories stay up to date with great contents in your chosen category.

25. Instagram

Find content inspiration and post topic ideas from the comments on the Instagram feeds of influencers in your niche.

26. Medium

Medium is a publishing platform where people can read important, insightful stories on the topics that matter most to them and share ideas with the world.

So I typed “success” into the search bar and got these:

  • People Who Have “Too Many Interests” Are More Likely To Be Successful According To Research
  • The Success Bloggers Are Selling You Bullshit.
  • Why Successful People Spend 10 Hours A Week On “Compound Time”
  • 5 Things I Had to Give Up To be Successful
  • One Behavior Separates The Successful From The Average

Irrespective of your niche you can dig up tons of post ideas from Medium.

27. MetaFilter

MetaFilter is a community weblog that anyone can contribute links and comments to.

After registering you’ll be able to post both links and comments, as well as customize the Metafilter interface to your liking.

Posts found on Metafilter are tagged, and there are lots of tags you can explore for content ideas.

28. Paper.li

You can use Paper.li to find and collect content that’s aligned with your audience’s interests

29. Pearltress

Pearltrees is a free service that lets you organize, explore and share everything you like. You can add web pages, files, photos or notes and organize them naturally. Explore amazing collections that relate to your interests and subscribe to their updates. Access your account anytime and share anything from your computer, mobile and tablet.

Just sign up for a free account add their chrome extension to your computer or download their mobile app and start saving and organizing webpages you like for future content ideas.

30. Pinterest

Pinterest  is a goldmine when it comes to content ideas.

You can find tons of post ideas from pinterest.

If you aren’t already on pinterest, simply sign up, choose your topic categories and get tons of content ideas delivered to your inbox.

You can also use the search bar to root around for post ideas.

When I searched for “blog tools” on pinterest, I got these:

  • 5 Mistakes You Are Probably Making As A New Blogger
  • The Definitive List Of Free Blogging Tools 2018
  • How To Write The Ultimate Blog Post: A Blogger’s Cheat Sheet
  • 17 Pinterest Experts Best Tips For 2018
  • How To Optimize Old Blog Posts For SEO

31. Reddit

Reddit is the 26th top site in the world as of the moment.

And one you can mine for tons of epic content ideas in your niche.

Here’s a  guide on how to use Reddit to generate content ideas.

32. Scoop.it

Scoop.it makes it easy to discover great content that you curate and publish to build your brand.

Simply sign up with Facebook or twitter and follow scoops(topics) in your niche for lots of post ideas.

After following some scoops, I ended up with these:

  • What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You? [infographic]
  • The ruthless pursuit of online ‘likes’ gives you nothing
  • More academics and students have mental health problems than ever before
  • Happy with Your Job? Why You Should Still Update Your Resume
  • Music training speeds up brain development in children
  • The Pros and Cons of Six Different Competency Models

33. Slideshare

Linkedln Slide share is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and info graphics.

With over 18 million pieces of content already shared you are bound to find blog topics that will resonate with your audience.

I typed “blog growth” into the search bar and got these:

  • 9 Things I Wish I Knew About Blogging that Will Accelerate the Growth of Your Blog
  • Blog Growth Hacking – Proven Tips for Growth
  • NEPA BlogCon 2013 – Blog Growth & Development
  • Unlock Real Growth for Your Blog [Webinar]
  • Mastering Social Media for Blog Growth by Christie Burnett

34. StumbleUpon/Mix

Mix formerly StumbleUpon makes it possible for you to curate and share topics you care about.

It learns what you love and shows you more.

Simply sign up and pick your areas of interest and start exploring contents  for post inspiration.

35. The Old Reader

Simply sign up on TheOldReader, add websites or keywords in your niche you want to keep up with. Organize your interest and explore your feed for content ideas.

This is a great tool for keeping up with popular posts in your niche.

36. TheWebList

Similar to Hvper, Theweblist is a single page with the latest news, buzz and tech stories from some of the  most popular websites online.


In addition to being able to  submit your articles, Trendiee has a clean interface and lots of ads.

Simply sign up, choose your interests and get tons of content in your feed.

38. Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website. Users can post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog

Simply sign up and scavenge for content ideas from more than 157 billion posts already posted on tumblr.

39. Twitter

Use Twitter to come up with post ideas for your target readers .

Whatever your niche, there certain influencers who lead the way, providing excellent content and advice to help those coming up in the industry, explore their Twitter lists for content ideas . Also explore Twitter hashtags related to your niche.

Here  are more ways to come up with post ideas from twitter.

40. We Heart It

We Heart It is an image-based social network for inspiring images .

Who knows? Just staring at some great images can spark content inspiration.

41. WP News Desk

WP News Desk provides you with all the latest WordPress news from around the world. It showcases the latest posts and podcasts from over 100 of the top WordPress resource websites.

I searched for “list building” and got these:

  • WPblab EP97 – WordPress Plugins – Building Your Mailing List – WP Watercooler
  • How to Build and Grow Your Email List – WebID-Online
  • How to Design an Attractive Subscribe Section for Any Kind of Website With Divi – Elegant Themes
  • MailOptin Review | WordPress Lead Generation And Email Automation Plugin – Kasa Reviews
  • How to Create a Quora Marketing Strategy for Your Business – Kinsta Blog

42. YouTube

Find the most popular videos from your niche which could be how-to videos, trend videos, news videos, or whatever. Then look for those with views, comments, and other engagement to discover topics you should be focusing on with your content.

Headline Tools, Keyword Generators & Others

Headline Tools and keyword generators can supply endless ideas for your blog posts.

Simply input a post tittle and get lots of related post tittles for post ideas.

43. Answer The Public

If you need to find the questions and queries your readers are asking , then AnswerThePublic should be your go to source.

Here’s a guide on how to get the best from this site.

44. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is a keyword research and analysis tool that brings hundreds of long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty.

After imputing a keyword , you can click the “get questions” tab to discover the questions people are asking concerning your keyword.

45. Keywordshitter

Keyword shitter can help you discover hundreds of long tail keywords for post ideas.

46. Portent Content Idea Generator

Use this tool to come up with an array of related post ideas.

47. Title Generator And Blog Topic Content Creator

Lucasz Zelezny Title Generator helps you generate short and catchy content topic and blog post ideas.

48. Blog Post Title Idea Generator

You can quickly and easily generate remarkable ideas for your next killer blog post.

Simply enter a keyword or topic  and generate tons of Ideas within seconds.

49. Pocket

You can save interesting articles, videos and more from the web for later examination using pocket.

Pocket currently has more than 30 million registered users and is integrated into more than 1500 apps including Flipboard, Twitter and Zite.

50. Google Alerts

Google Alerts let you monitor the web for interesting new content on topics that interest you.

Simply create an alert about a given topic/keyword and get notifications delivered to your inbox.

51. Social Mention

Social Mention is a simple, useful tool for monitoring and tracking social media. It helps you see who’s making references to you or your company- or to any topic.

Start by deciding what you want to monitor. Then enter the name of the company, person, topic or phrase that you want to research into the search box on the Social Mention home page.

52. Keyhole

With Keyhole you can track hashtags for twitter, Instagram and Facebook . Analyze Twitter accounts. Track keywords . Track mentions for a username and also track URLs.

53. Find Post Ideas From Popular Blogs In Your Niche.

Find sites in your industry that publish all the latest news, trends, tips, and everything else your readers love.

Look for the articles with the most engagement: comments, shares, views, etc.

Go through several of these blogs to get a feel for what’s popular and what the hot topics are. Create content on those topics, and try to either bring a different viewpoint or expand on what’s already been discussed.

There you have it, but remember, the proof of the pudding (is in the eating) .

In addition to finding content inspiration, you can also drive traffic and build backlink for SEO from some of these sites.

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