Lucy Hale ‘Blacked Out’ the First Time She Tried Alcohol at Age 12, Secretly Went to Rehab at Age 23: ‘I Was So Deeply Ashamed’

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Lucy Hale has become an open book when it comes to her relationship with alcohol.

During her appearance on the Wednesday, November 1, episode of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, the actress explained that her drinking habits formed before she even hit high school.

“The first time I ever had alcohol… I was probably 12, or 13. I was in Florida, on vacation and we drank Green Apple Pucker,” the brunette beauty, 34, shared. “I remember my very first experience with alcohol was the same as when it ended.” “I blacked out — at 12 years old,” Hale admitted. “I don’t remember what happened, I threw up, …

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