‘One of His Last Wishes’: 84-Year-Old Vet’s Family Won’t Stop Fighting Katy Perry Over Ailing Dad’s $15 Million Mansion

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Radar Online

Carl Westcott’s family will continue fightingKaty Perry over the sale of his $15 million mansion, with one of the 84-year-old veteran’s sons telling RadarOnline.com they are “not going to stop” because it was “one of his last wishes.”

Chart Westcott addressed the ongoing legal battle, revealing he is ready to defend his father’s honor with “every force of strength in my body,” regardless of how long the process takes.

As this outlet reported, Carl — who has Huntington’s disease,%20is%20an,as%20well%20as%20other%20areas.) which affects the brain like Alzheimer’s or dementia — accused the pop st…

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