44 Compliments For A Friend Or Anyone Else

How did you feel the last time someone praised, congratulated or expressed admiration towards you? Great! I bet.

Receiving a compliment , always ramps up our “feel good” meter. But did you know that also giving a genuine compliment helps you feel happier and can even improve your health? Research has shown that when we do something kind, our brains release oxytocin, the “hug hormone” that makes us feel really good. And giving someone a genuine compliment is one of the easiest ways to practice kindness!

If you are looking for a great compliment to make someone happy? A friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, colleague or just anyone. Look no further!

Here are 44 awesome compliments you can give to a friend or anyone else.

1. You light up the room.

2. Whenever I have a tough day, I remember you and it gives me strength and hope.

3. If cartoon bluebirds were real, a couple of ’em would be sitting on your shoulders singing right now.

4. Your perspective is refreshing.

5. You can accomplish anything that you put your mind to.

6. I appreciate the way you challenge me.

7. You’re an awesome friend

8. You exude confidence which really makes you beautiful.

9. You are always so helpful.

10. I admire your patience and ability to remain calm during times of distress.

11. Is that your picture next to “charming” in the dictionary?

12. You are the best friend/partner anyone could ask for.

13. You have such a generous spirt.

14. That thing you don’t like about yourself is what makes you really interesting.

15. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Actually.

16. You’re gorgeous—and that’s the least interesting thing about you, too.

17. Your hair looks stunning.

18. You’re really fun to be around. Even when we aren’t doing anything at all just being around you makes me feel content.

19. You are such a talented leader whom many want to follow and emulate.

20. You’re really good at all the things you do. And even the things you think you don’t do so well, I like how you do it anyway, without caring what anyone thinks.

21. You inspire me to be a better person.

22. Your dedication to your craft is inspiring.

23. The very thought of you makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

24. There’s nothing I’d rather do than spend time with you.

25. You are a life elixir.

26. You have a heart of gold.

27. Your years of hard work are truly paying off.

28. You are the most impeccable you there is.

29. I didn’t know how important friendship was until we met.

30. You have a heart of gold that benefits so many people in your life.

31. You are so special to me.

32. I can’t stop thinking about you.

33. Your eyes are so warm and welcoming.

34. I truly respect and value your thoughts and ideas.

35. I admire your patience and ability to remain calm during times of distress.

36. You are a rare specimen of a good heart.

37. You are drop-dead gorgeous.

38. You have a strong, positive influence over my life.

39. Your creative power is one to be envied.

40. I have maximum respect for your notable achievements in your field of expertise.

41. In high school, I bet you were voted ” most likely to keep being awesome.”

42. Your one smile can make my day.

43. I would go on an 18-hour road trip with you, I like you   that much.

44. Thank you for existing.

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