Adam Sandler’s Wife Jackie Likes It When He Kisses Famous Women

Adam Sandler's Wife Jackie Likes It When He Kisses Famous Women

Most wives would be far from pleased to see their husbands passionately kissing a Hollywood starlet, but that’s not the case for Adam Sandler’s wife.

Adam has made it clear that his wife Jackie has no problem at all with him kissing on camera. In fact, Jackie has been on set when those sequences have been filmed and she seems to like it when he passionately kisses his co-stars.

Jackie insisted Adam locked lips with Drew Barrymore in a 2014 film

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2014 to promote their film Blended. During their interview, Adam revealed that Jackie was on set when the two actors shot a kiss scene, and when he believed they could move on, Jackie insisted they lock lips again on camera.

“I thought, we did that romantic scene where we go on the date in Africa. You know, when I finally…Right. When we’re doing a nice romantic scene. I think I’m doing pretty great, being as romantic as can be. And I go ‘Ok, moving on. Let’s go. That was great drew. Good job.’ And a see my wife and I just see my wife like What’s the matter? ‘Just please, for the sake of women, just get in there and look a little more alive.’”

When asked about his approach to going all in on kisses, the 53-year-old gave credit to the one person who knows him the best, telling W Magazine:

“My wife thinks I’m good. She told me this morning,” he said of his wife, Jackie. “I gave her a nice kiss [and] she goes, ‘Ew!’ So she gave me an ‘ew’ this morning, so I do well at home. And then when I have to do any romantic scenes in a movie I never get excited for that. I get tense and feel awkward. And then everyone else, I’m sure, is awkward.

The Murder Mystery star stated the words he receives from his wife of 17 years, Jackie, move him ahead and allow him to focus on the delivery of the kiss rather than the kiss itself.

“My wife is always saying, ‘Just get in there. Do a good job. Be nice.’ My wife loves the women I work with, so she’s very like, ‘Come on! Make sure you [do] the best you can. Give it up. It looks crazy when you don’t kiss good enough,'” he shared.

Jackie Sandler wanted him to go “harder” on Jennifer Aniston.

In 2019’s Murder Mystery, Adam Sandler and Friends alum Jennifer Aniston play a married couple, while Jackie has a cameo appearance (of course) as the so-called “Great Looking Flight Attendant.” When asked about working with his real-life wife next to his on-screen wife, Adam told the Associated Press, “The only awkward part is hearing my wife on the side going, ‘Harder! Harder! Kiss her harder! Deeper!'”

When asked about his first kiss with Jackie, Sandler said he doesn’t remember the moment exactly how it played out, but he does recall some specific details.

“I think I was in New Hampshire. I like I was very young. I don’t know if this person is married and has a husband who would say, ‘What happened?'” he said. “I remember… she was wearing a retainer.

Everything worked out good.”

Sandler continued: “I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a good kisser. I was just doing the best I could. And I couldn’t believe someone wanted to do that with me. It was definitely a brand-new feeling and I look forward to more of those.”

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