“I just need a minute before I can consider you my sister again”: Margot Robbie Made Hard Choices for Her Breakout Role and Her Family Weren’t Too Pleased

Margot Robbie’s acting career has been on fire lately, making her one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. The movie that really put her on the map was The Wolf Of Wall Street, a biographical black comedy directed by Martin Scorsese.

In the film, she played Naomi Lapaglia, the wife of Jordan Belfort, a Wall Street crook portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio. She was only 22 years old at the time, but she held her own against DiCaprio and stole the show.

Martin Scorsese originally told Robbie that Naomi might wear a robe for the scene in which she seduced Belfrot by showing up completely nude in the doorway and just wearing thigh-high stockings. However, Margot Robbie refused and decided to get full n-ked, as playing it in any other way wouldn’t have done justice to the story they were telling.

In 2014, Margot Robbie appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and talked about her career and the nude scene she had performed in the movie. During the conversation, Jimmy asked if she had known about the scene beforehand or if it had been a surprise.

About that, Margot explained that her family had been upset about the scene. She had lied to them, saying that there would be no nudity in the movie and that she wouldn’t appear in any such scenes. She had asked them to ignore any rumors about it. Later, Margot realized that her family would eventually watch the movie, so she had to change her story. She told them that she had a body double and that her head had been added to the nude scene using computer graphics.

By the time the movie was released, Margot had managed to keep her lies going, although she didn’t know if her family believed her or not. She knew that it would be awkward when they watched the movie together.

By the time the screening came around, Margot knew things would be awkward, and she said she hadn’t even thought about her whole family sitting in the theater watching alongside her.

Margot was anxious about her family’s response to her nudity on screen. However, her mother’s positive feedback eased her worries. Her mother admired the tasteful execution of the scenes and gave it her seal of approval. But it wasn’t the same for one of Margot’s brothers, it turns out one of them decided they couldn’t look Margot in the eye for months afterward.

Per thethings.com, In one interview, Robbie told a podcast interviewer that her brother didn’t talk to her for three months. He wasn’t mad, Robbie noted, but he said “I just need a minute before I can consider you my sister again.”

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