Jamie Foxx Shares Story of ‘Very Prominent Actress’ Mistaking Him for Rick Fox After She Did Cocaine

On a new podcast series, R&B Money, by Tank and his manager J. Valentine, Jamie Foxx revealed a “very prominent actress” once mistook him for former Los Angeles Laker Rick Fox.

“I ain’t saying no names, but I was in a hotel room with a very prominent actress and she was doing cocaine,” Foxx shared. “I wasn’t, I wasn’t, I was not doing it. I don’t do that because of my religious beliefs.”

Foxx continued, “[But] She does the cocaine, she says ‘I’m a bad mother,’ and then she goes, ‘Wow, I didn’t think I would be in this room doing cocaine with Rick Fox.’ She thought I was Rick Fox the whole fucking night bro. She thought I was Rick Fox I was like, ‘I’m not light skin with good hair like this n***a.’”

Foxx’s interview kickstarts the new weekly podcast series, which, according to a press release, is for “super dedicated R&B fans.”

“Highlighting everything from Marvin Gaye to Pink Sweat$, R&B Money has produced an exciting space for artists & executives in the game to reminisce with exceptionally compelling storytelling while building a place of discovery for the fans.”

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