Joey King Suffered Scary Blood Disorder On Set Of ‘The Conjuring’

Actress Joey King, recently shared strange details from her time making the movie that still makes her “shudder.”

The In Between actress, 22, recalled on The Drew Barrymore Show in February, how she developed a blood disorder that required daily hospital check-ups while filming the 2013 film. However, once she finished filming and went home, the condition faded away.

“Is it true that when you were on The Conjuring that you got, like, um, physical stuff happened to you?” asked host Barrymore.

“It was pretty intense,” King said. “Some weird things happened on the set, along with the movie being scary. It’s true, I developed this bizarre, rare, out-of-nowhere blood disorder, and basically my body, like all the red platelets from my body were like drained. They were just gone.”

Back in 2020, King told Howard Stern about being physically affected while making the movie as a 12-year-old, having unexplained bruises show up on her body. Doctors then told her she had a blood-thinning condition called ITP, she explained.

“The makeup ladies thought I was stealing their fake bruises, and I was like, ‘why would I do that, that’s crazy.’ They didn’t believe me. They tried to take my real bruises off with rubbing alcohol and oil.”

“I got a couple (of) blood tests because they told me it looked like it could potentially be early signs of leukemia. All of a sudden, I am told that I have this blood-thinning condition called ITP.”

“Then, all of a sudden, I got home, and I’ve never had a problem with my blood since,” she shared. “Every time I think about it, I just shudder a little bit.”

“That movie messed me up for my whole life,” she joked at the time, adding that the story is “truly the root of why I am so scared of that movie.”

Joey King played Christine Perron, a little girl tormented by demons in the film. The Conjuring follows the allegedly true experiences of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the infamous husband and wife paranormal investigation team.

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