Stormzy outs himself as a die-hard Swiftie as he fanboys over meeting Taylor Swift

Stormzy proved himself as a major Swiftie while gushing about the legend that is Taylor Swift, proving that he is just like the rest of us.

The 29-year-old rapper who gave an incredible performance at Sunday night’s MTV EMAs seemed to have just one goal in mind for the evening: getting a selfie with Taylor. He shared clips of his search for Taylor backstage on his Instagram account.

“Man’s trying to get a selfie with Taylor Swift! Man’s running around,” Stormzy explained to his followers while sipping on a drink. In the following video, he excitedly added the update: “Man’s gonna meet Taylor!” With all the commotion around him, it seemed like he needed a minute to collect himself as he ordered everyone to “relax” before the big meet-up.

Sharing the snap on his Instagram grid, Stormzy simply captioned it: ‘🥹❤️’, before sharing another selfie to his stories declaring: ‘So happy’.

Via Instagram
Via Instagram
Via Instagram
Via Instagram

The affection clearly goes both ways, as Taylor has previously stated that she is a fan of Stormzy when the two were in the midst of a chart battle.

In 2019, Swift’s single Me!, featuring Brendan Urie, competed against Stormzy’s iconic hit Vossi Bop for the UK number one.

But there was no bitter rivalry between the pair over who would get the top spot as Swift declared: “I love Stormzy. I’d happily lose to him,” and thankfully so, as he beat her to secure his first UK number one.

This isn’t the first time the rapper have publicly gushed over a fellow celebrity.

At the BRIT Awards in 2020, Stormzy interrupted a backstage interview with Billie Eilish to gush about her. He was heard in a video saying how much he adores Eilish’s music and then burst into his own rendition of “Everything I Wanted” after calling her “the fucking greatest.”

He told Billie: “You are the fucking greatest, you’re so … she’s so fucking… it’s dumb! And every time I listen to the new song of yours I go on A to Z lyrics and I read it. And I’m just like bruv, she’s brilliant pen.”

The singer responded, “I’m gonna cry”, as Stormzy continued to praise her and later apologise for crashing the interview. He said: “You’re too hard! You’re so hard it don’t even matter! You’re too hard, she’s too hard. Sorry, sorry to crash that [interview].”

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