The Surprising Lesson Michael Jackson taught His daughter Paris Jackson

The Surprising Lesson Michael Jackson taught His daughter Paris Jackson

Before going into cardiac arrest and passing away at his Los Angeles residence on June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson had three K—Michael Joseph Jr, Paris, and Prince Michael II.

The second child of the music icon, Paris Jackson is a musician, actress, and model. After she was named the new face of KVD Beauty, she talked about the collaboration with PopSugar, and discussed how the late singer had influenced her perception of beauty.

Speaking to POPSUGAR, she revealed that her father taught her that beauty comes from inside and not outside.

She said: ‘I try and always keep an open mind – not just with makeup, but with everything.

‘I was raised by a free-love, hippie-type dude, so we were taught that beauty comes from the inside – and to this day, I still believe that.’

The singer-model revealed that she had a “complicated relationship with beauty” as a child growing up in the spotlight. However, she stated that she is coping with it all by “practicing self-love and affirmations and diving deeper into my spiritual life.”

“It wasn’t until the last couple of years that I’ve started feeling really good about myself and my body, and feeling comfortable and everything. Those moments of self-love aren’t 24/7, but the bad moments are fewer and further between,” she said.

Paris has previously talked about how her father instilled in his children a strong work ethic and a love of music.

While talking to Naomi Campell on her YouTube series No Filter, Paris said, “My dad was really good about making sure we were cultured, making sure we were educated, and not just showing us like the glitz and glam, like hotel hopping, five-star places.”

“Growing up, it was about earning stuff. If we wanted five toys from FAO Schwarz or Toys R Us, we had to read five books,” she said. “It’s earning it, not just being entitled to certain things or thinking, ‘Oh, I got this.’ It’s like working for it, working hard for it — it’s, it’s something else entirely. It’s an accomplishment.”

When Campbell suggested that Paris was too famous to show up for model castings, she insisted that she is “a full believer that I should earn everything.”

“I need to … I go to auditions, I work hard, I study scripts, I do my thing,” she added

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