Aubrey Plaza recalls playing a ‘sick’ prank on ‘White Lotus’ costar Adam DiMarco


In a profile for GQ, Audrey Plaza revealed she pranked her The White Lotus co-star Adam DiMarco into believing he was being harassed by a witch. She claimed it pushed him to the “brink of a psychological break.”

The cast and crew of the HBO drama spent five months filming the show’s second season in February at the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace, a convent turned hotel in the seaside town of Taormina, Italy.

For context, rumor has it that this Four Seasons hotel is haunted, and White Lotus actor John Gries previously said that he believed it “absolutely was.”

“I don’t believe in that stuff, but I had dreams,” he said on the red carpet of the Season 2 premiere in October. “I had dreams of people standing at the end of my bed in that hotel room, dressed from a whole other era, turning and looking at me. I was like ‘Nah nah nah, you gotta go.’ I’m not kidding, I was speaking out loud.”

John revealed that he often woke his girlfriend up after screaming in his sleep. “Many nights did I wake up screaming, and she’d say, ‘What is going with you?’” he said.

Aubrey, 38, described in the interview how Adam, 32, spotted a “Black Witch-style symbol” made of reed diffusers in his dressing room. A few days later, she ruffled up her room in the same way. She then played innocent and kept asking everyone ‘Who did this?’

Adam says it left him “definitely questioning my reality for a while there”, adding that he “didn’t know who to trust. It was like Murder on the Orient Express. Everyone was the murderer.”

Later, hotel CCTV showed that Aubrey was the one who pulled the prank, claiming to be a victim as well to confuse Adam. The hotel staff also confirmed, “It’s Ms. Plaza.”

In the interview, Aubrey confessed, “Adam was so innocent, like a baby bird. It was really sick, what I was doing to him. I got him to the brink of a psychological break.” The interviewer notes – ‘She’s… kidding? It’s hard to tell.’

In The White Lotus season 2, Aubrey plays Harper Spiller, a sarcastic lawyer who is on holiday with her husband and friends. Their vacation is thrown into disarray following a series of mysterious murders, with hotel guests attempting to figure out who dunnit.

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