Cara Delevingne Opens Up About Kissing Selena Gomez in Only Murders in the Building

Cara Delevingne has opened up about sharing kissing scenes with Selena Gomez in season two of the hit show Only Murders In The Building on Hulu.

In the second episode of season two, Selena’s character Mabel Mora gets passionate with her new love interest Alice Banks, played by supermodel Cara, as they lock lips while talking about art.

“It was just fun,” Delevingne told E! News of the kiss. “Would anyone in the world not like to kiss Selena?” Fair enough! “It was just hysterical,” she added. “It’s just one of those things, especially when you know someone so well, it’s the comfortability and you kind of have fun with it.”

She continued, “We never get to see each other as much because we’re so busy. So to be able to spend that much time with her, and also to be able to work with her, she’s just such an incredible person to work with whether I know her or not. She is brilliant, like, one of my favorite actors I’ve ever worked with.”

Delevingne, who came out as pansexual in 2020, also discussed what playing Alice meant to her. “For me to be able to get to play a queer role meant so much to me, and [Selena] knew that,” she said. “To represent that was really exciting.”

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