Natalie Portman says Chris Hemsworth would hide behind a tree to avoid drawing attention while picking up his kids from school

During an appearance on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Friday, Portman spoke with the guest host Sean Hayes about filming the fourth stand-alone “Thor” movie in Hemsworth’s home country of Australia and shared the hilarious way that co-star Chris Hemsworth tried to collect his children from school without drawing attention.

Portman’s two children, son Aleph, 11, and daughter Amalia, 5, accompanied her on the film shoot and were able to attend a local school along with Hemsworth’s children. Hemsworth has three children with wife Elsa Pataky, daughter India Rose, 10, and twin boys Sasha and Tristan, both 8.

“One day, we ended up at school pickup at the same time, and I just felt so bad for him,” she said, “because I’m small and can kind of camouflage with the moms. And then he comes in. He’s like a Greek god walking through.”

She continued: “He’s really famous everywhere but especially in Australia, he’s so, so well-known.

“So to see him kind of by the tree, hiding… it felt like some weird sitcom of the superheroes at school pickup.”



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