Seth Rogen: Not having kids ‘has helped me succeed’

Seth Rogen: Not having kids ‘has helped me succeed’

Seth Rogen and his wife, Lauren Miller, have been childless and happily married since 2011, and the actor recently opened up about their decision not to have children in a new interview.

Seth discussed his extended career and how he become one of Hollywood’s best-loved comedy writers on the Diary of a CEO podcast this week, stating that not having children “definitely” played a significant role in his success.

After Bartlett responded with slight surprise, Rogen explained that not being a parent means “there’s a whole huge thing I’m not doing, which is raising children”.

Bartlett then argued that some might say Rogen would be “happier” if he and Miller were to have children, to which the actor said he doesn’t agree.

“I don’t think it would. I’ve been around, obviously, a lot of children, I’m not ignorant to what it’s like to … I’ve seen everyone I know [have] kids, I’m 40. Some of my friends have had kids for decades, you know?” Rogen said. “Some people want kids. Some people don’t want kids.”

The actor then suggested that “a lot of people have kids before they even think about it”.

“Honestly, you just are told, you go through life, you get married, you have kids. That’s what happens. And me and my wife, neither of us were like that,” he continued. “And, honestly, the older we get, the more happy and reaffirmed we are with our choice to not have kids.”

According to Rogen, over the years, he and his wife, who married in 2011, have discussed whether they made the right choice, and ultimately decided that they were happy with their decision not to become parents.

“Now, more than anything, the conversation is honestly, thank god we don’t have children,” Rogen admitted, adding: “We get to do whatever we want, we are in the prime of our lives, we are smarter than we’ve ever been, we understand ourselves more than we ever have, we have the capacity to achieve a level of work and a level of communication and care for one another, and a lifestyle we can live with one another that we’ve never been able to live before.”

“And we can just do that and we don’t have to raise a child, which the world does not need right now.”

Rogen then reiterated that he and his wife are “very happy” with their decision to not have children, with the actor noting that he sees “definitively” that he has more time to do the things he needs to do and the things he enjoys doing.

“Me and my wife seem to get a lot more active enjoyment out of not having kids than anyone I know seems to get out of having kids,” he added while laughing.

The Emmy nominee has been previously candid about not wanting to become a father, telling Howard Stern in May 2021 that he and the “Like Father” director, 41, are “f–king psyched all the time” as they get to stay in bed on Saturday mornings “smoking weed” and “watching movies naked.”

“If we had kids, we could not be doing this,” he added.

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