The Weeknd Flirts With ‘Squid Game’ Star In New Video

The Weeknd has released a new video featuring one of the most-in-demand actresses at the moment: ‘Squid Game’ star Hoyeon.

In the music video for single ‘Out of Time’, the Toronto singer (real name Abel Makkonen Tesfaye) and Hoyeon (full name Hoyeon Jung) meet in an elevator, exchanging eloquent looks that lead to a date shortly afterwards.

The pair get lost in a deserted hotel where they share drinks and desserts and embarks on a screaming karaoke session, letting loose and chasing one another in the corridors. But something sinister looms large over them, and it involves a creepy character played by none other than Jim Carrey.

It’s easy to believe The Weeknd’s and Hoyeon’s onscreen chemistry. Viewers will think, “they’re cute together!” at points in the video.

Out of Time” ties into the storyline The Weeknd has crafted with music videos from his album Dawn FM which was released earlier this year. The album is a spiritual sequel to his smash 2020 album After Hours, and in a 2021 interview with GQ, he called Dawn FM “the album [he’s] always wanted to make.”

The new video comes just one month after The Weeknd’s TV special “The Dawn FM Experience” premiered on Amazon on Feb. 26. Watch his chilling new music video above, then listen to the rest of the “Dawn FM” tracklist here.

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