Ethan Hawke shares pride over Stranger Things daughter Maya and shares his personal connection to the show

Ethan Hawke is sharing his personal connection with Stranger Things in his recent interview and revealed he’s “so proud of his daughter Maya Hawke who portrays Robin Buckley in Netflix‘s hugely popular sci-fi series.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hawke talked about his daughter and how much he admires her. “This is the biggest surprise that’s happened to me in my life,” Hawke said. “What it’s like to have a grown-up child and watch them turn into a human being that I really admire. Maya is extremely fun to be around, passionate and serious and funny and playful, and I feel connected to ‘Stranger Things.’”

Hawke shared that in the world of “Stranger Things,” the main events of the series are kicked off on November 6th of, 1983, a special date for him. “A lot of people don’t know this, but when the first upside down world took place, it actually took place on November 6th, 1983 in Hawkins, which was my 13th birthday, which was the year I made ‘Explorers’ and started acting, so I feel somehow like this was meant to be for Maya, like, it was aligned in the stars,” he said.

Hawke couldn’t help but draw parallels between his career and his daughter’s and revealed he’s most happy about the fact that she’s surrounded by her “amazing, talented young” Stranger Things castmates.

“I’m so proud of her, ‘cause I think she does a great job, but I’m most happy for her that she’s surrounded by these other amazing, talented young people. That was my experience on ‘Dead Poet’s Society,’ getting to be surrounded by other young people who were in love with the same thing that I was in love with, getting to tell a story that affects your generation,” he said.

Stranger Things is a defining creative force for this generation, and so I’m so proud of Maya and I’m so happy for her, and I know it’s just the beginning,” he added.

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