The Surprising Way Jenna Ortega Prepared for Her Role in Netflix’s Wednesday

The Surprising Way Jenna Ortega Prepared for Her Role in Netflix's Wednesday

Jenna Ortega plays the iconic Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s Wednesday.

In a new featurette released by Netflix on August 24, the actress discussed her preparation for her role in the spooky series. Ortega explained that she wanted to make sure her perspective on Wednesday was fresh.

“It was really important to me that I did something different, even though she’s been done so flawlessly in the past,” Ortega says in the new video. “She’s more socially awkward. There’s a confidence there, but it’s more concealed.”

The Scream star also said she went to  fencing and cello lessons twice a week and practiced walking as Wednesday, saying she wanted the character to be “specific and certain and assertive.”

She also revealed that she created a mood board for her character, which included singer Billie Eilish when putting together Wednesday’s final look. She also studied German and archery.

Jenna also explained why she likes being involved in horror films and series. “I wish people could see the other side of horror films,” she said during her interview with The Face. “We’re laughing so hard the entire time. We shot a scene with Ghostface in the last ‘Scream’ and there was one day where we could not stop laughing.”

She continued, “It’s really hard to scare me. People growing up would jump out from behind door frames and I wouldn’t flinch.” The actress also says that she loves “that stuff because it’s not real. Knock on wood, I haven’t been stabbed yet, so for me, it’s still a fun thing that I do at work, which is so awful to say. I love it when the blood comes out. I love shooting chase scenes—they’re very fun for me.”

The Hollywood star described herself as a “weirdo” and revealed that she “used to perform autopsies on little animals” when she was younger. “Like little lizards that I found that were dead in my backyard.”

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